Birmingham Architecture Festival 2013

Urbanbuildings as a site is all about the Redevelopment, Redesign, and Rediscovery of Birmingham and I’m glad to say that the upcoming Birmingham Architecture Festival certainly looks to be fulfilling that last point.

It’s taking place over the late May holiday, 24-27 May, and their promotional details show great promise:

The theme for the festival is ‘Take A Second Look‘. No matter how long we have been inhabitants of a certain place, there is always something new to discover. The city of Birmingham is a vibrant, dynamic and ever-changing place and the festival aims to celebrate the quirks that make up this wonderful melting pot.

BAF2013 will host a range of events such as tours, lectures, exhibitions, installations, screenings and workshops, all with the aim of celebrating the city, its architecture, its spaces and its inhabitants and hopefully encouraging all of us to take a second look.

Things to look forward to include architect accompanied photo walks, by Matt and Pete’s Photo School.  It also looks like Ben Waddington from the Still Walking festival has been inspiring/assisting with the creation of some of the walks, based on a mention of the Digbeth Moss tour on his blog.

These type of tours are a great chance to explore a city we might think we know intimately, but end up leaving with a fresh perspective on things.  As Ben says:

I often suggest to people they stop and look at the city rather than walk past it at a fast pace – there are worthwhile things to see that you will miss by walking at all.

Whilst the full schedule of events has not yet been released, the Derelict Buildings tour and the Material World tour amongst others give a sample of what is to come.

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